I think I need a cure now.

As the final book in the Maze Runner series (prequels excluded), there was a lot riding on The Death Cure. The ending looked bleak and there were so many questions that needed to be answered. Unfortunately, what we got was a cop out ending that leaves more questions and multiple issues feeling unresolved. In fact, I have figured out what bugs me about the story; it’s such a dude book.
What is a dude book you may ask? It’s a story saturated ion action and violence, thus losing the impact. We’re not given any time to breath before the next fight, which is the conveniently solved. This was really frustrating in the end because a huge fight scene would have been so good if it hadn’t been ruined by the consistent ‘near death’ tone. Even the way the short chapters ended on suspenseful notes made the whole thing monotonous.
The characters were rather superficial. They usually had the same motives and were tough. If there was one or more sweet of fun character to juxtapose the darkness, it would have been lighter and more readable. I even think that there was not much character growth, which shows how violence was the focus of the story. Thomas, for example, was a generic hero character that just made him bland. It’s just the fantasy for dudes without any complex thought.

I really want to complain about the ending, but I can’t do that without spooking any of it. Basically, I can see what he wanted but it just made the plot feel pointless and I can think of multiple issues with what happened.
Read this book if you like action and an attempt of discussing utalitarianism. I can sort of see the appeal, but there are too many issues for me to properly enjoy it. 5.1/10.
Discussion: can you think of any other examples of dude books?


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