Image placements are surprisingly important

This review is going to be really short because it’s more of a rant than a proper review. You see, I have no idea how good the riddles in John F. Brown’s The Book of Riddles were. Why? Because they were ruined by beautiful imagery. For some reason, a picture of the answer was placed before the riddle even started. I tried to hide it, but then I managed to see the answer at the bottom. It should not be given an exception just because it’s a children’s book.

Because of this, I can’t give it more than 2.6/10. After all, the riddles seemed ok and the images were pretty.Maybe another version is better than the one I got. If you ever do get it, make sure you flick through it first. If the answers aren’t given away, read It. It might be pretty good.

Discussion Point: Here is a riddle from the book. I am going to do the proper thing and give you a chance to figure it out for yourself.

Two bodies have I,

Though both joined in one

The stiller I stand

The faster I run.


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