Beyond Duty

Look at this cover. What do you expect to get from this? A short story about someone in the military struggling with the decisions he made with the slaughter of innocent people and trying to fix it? For some reason, that was what I expected.

Do you know what I got?

BDSM gay erotica.

This definitely influenced my reading, so be aware of that. It was like drinking what you thought was water, but getting vodka… if you like vodka. Despite the sudden shock, I found myself entranced by SJD Peterson’s Beyond Duty #0.5.

Naval Sergeant Gunther ‘Gunny’ Duchene is a gay man and just before he retires, the ‘don’t show, don’t tell’ rule is repealed. This only leads to one question – would his long time partner and ‘master’, Macalister ‘Mac’ Jones, leave him? Sex ensures as he finds out the answer.

It was interesting. Gunny seemed like a real person with insecurities and not just a stereotypical gay man used to prove that homophobia is wrong. The writer made sure we knew that. Actually, that part was little annoying. Just ignore that bit. Mac was also nice. He was the dom, but was extremely sweet and cares about Gunny. A certain BDSM franchise should learn from this.

While the main characters were great, there were two others in the beginning that felt superfluous. All they added to the story was that Gunny was hot and homophobia exists. If they were just a bit more likeable, they would come off as more than just superficial reminders of human stupidity.

The actual BDSM sex scene was pretty good. It didn’t drag on and had the intensity a good erotica should. I didn’t feel like I wanted more, nor did I wish there was less. You can feel the connection between the two. I just can’t complain about that part of the story. However, there was one line where Gunny felt out of character and that took me out of the moment. If it was reworded just a little bit, it would have been great.

I won’t say that this story changed my life, but it was pretty good. It was one of those stories where some things could have been better, but nothing was awful. If you don’t like cuteness with your BDSM, don’t read it, but if you do, go for it. If you like it, you can read a longer version of it with Beyond Duty #1 or any other Peterson stories. This one is worth 6.8/10.

Discussion Point: Do you prefer your BDSM with or without cute scenes?


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