Another Fairy Tale Inspired Erotica

Sexualising classic childhood characters isn’t a new trend. With the costumes, illustrations and porno versions, erotica parodies are just another form of art. This is the case with Liz Adams’s Alice’s Sexual Discovery in a Wonderful Land. By using Lewis Carrol’s classic as a base for her erotica, she created a story that’s hilarious, questionable, and maybe a little bit sexy.

The plot is as elaborate as many porn plots are. Young Alice has a crush on the dreamy gardener Jack. However, her inexperience with sex might stop them from becoming a couple. When Alice fails to cum after masturbating, her dreams crumble. What guy would want to be with a girl that can’t cum? We all know that that’s the number one priority for all men. Her desperation to be able to cum and please Jack leads her to Wonderful Land where she meets people and has sex with them, desperately trying to get an orgasm with each encounter.

Of course, Adams uses key elements of the original story. Alice turns small and big, deals with the Red Queen, and meets an erotica version of most characters. I hate to admit it, but the fairy tale component works. Adams displayed childhood innocence discovering sex in a way that actually makes sense. The juxtapositions remind me of the awkward instances when I discovered the many forms of sexuality. Sure, my fantasies were never as wild or realistic as Alice’s, but the feeling is still there.

However, using a childlike protagonist in an erotica can be a problem. Alice just acted too much like a twelve year old for my liking. Her naivety and sudden righteousness when she was the only one that knew what sex was in the Wonderful land reminded me of some young people I know. I had to remind myself that she was a College student and it was uncomfortable at times. Even her constantly changing opinion was a tad immature. This is a girl that was licked by a stranger, but wasn’t sure if she could suck him back because they only just met. Keep in mind that this is after she has forms of sex with other strangers moments after meeting them. I’m all for her saying no, but her reasoning had to be stronger if she’s an adult.

The sex scenes were either a hit or miss. If you can think about a threesome where a girl is also being fucked by a teapot without laughing or having to take a double take, you will enjoy most of the scenes. They were definitely unusual, which is something I’m sure you can’t say about most eroticas.

Originally I was going to give the book 6.9 to match the crude humor, but then Adams carelessly included rape and abuse. It was just included to show how nice Alice was, and didn’t feel right. The sexual scenes were still interesting, and the use of a classic children’s story actually worked. The story was still uncomfortable at times or it didn’t make sense, but the lack of logic is understandable considering the original source. Alice’s Sexual Discovery in a Wonderful Land is worth 5.7/10 for me.

Discussion Point: What’s your view on sexualising children’s stories? Is it just wrong or can it work?


2 thoughts on “Another Fairy Tale Inspired Erotica

  1. Erotica seeps into everything. It’s a big facet of us. Our sexual being. We dream the fairytale, we want the prince, yet we also want the bad ass man (or woman dependance on preference ) 😉


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